We are proud to represent MISS RICA KELLY, Doctoral Researcher (Lond). under the business name: The Rica Kelly Group. 

?Vegan Christian ✍ Academic & Creative Writer ? Transformational Coach ?Global Keynote Speaker ?Educator ?Influencer #GoGlobalCircle ?Research & Development Consultant ?Founder & CEO

“Be Crazy Enough To Convince Yourselves That Perfection Is Not A Figment Of The Imagination, In Order To Aspire To Become Better Versions Of Yourselves” -Rica Kelly

Rica Kelly is a Vegan Christian who is committed to growing her Christian ministry. She promotes the benefits of consuming a plant-based diet; she also reviews vegan restaurants and destinations that are vegan-friendly.
Rica is an effective Research & Development Consultant, Trained Educator & Educational Planner, Global Keynote Speaker, Academic and Creative Writer, Transformational Coach (academic, career/business, nutrition and spiritual), Founder & CEO of a global non-profit for females, CEO for her group of companies and Influencer for various brands.
Rica has over 10 years teaching experience and she excels as a workshop facilitator, curricula developer and a trained literacy consultant. She is an educational planner and researcher that does mainly transdisciplinary work. She advocates for females to access quality education and leadership opportunities, through her organisation, The Global Women Of Power Foundation and while working closely with UNWomen, UNESCO and UNICEF.


An educator with over 10 years teaching experience, which covers the whole gamut of teaching levels, ranging from Key Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. She is passionate about the field of education and is interested in how each discipline adds to the narratives about education and the wider policy framework. Her doctoral research is multidisciplinary and draws on works in the fields of sociology, architecture, technology and philosophy.


Her achievements are extensive, but just to name a few: Project Coordinator at UNESCO, Vice Chancellor’s Alumni Ambassador at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, the Founder of the Literacy Intervention Programme (LIP), Jamaican cultural ambassador who has benefitted from the Miss Jamaica Festival Queen (Jamaica Cultural Development Commission) and Miss Jamaica UK programmes, the International Student Ambassador-Caribbean Representative at the UCL Institute of Education, University College London, Founder and CEO of The Global Women Of Power Foundation, Director at Reggae Village Trinity, Pageant Director at Miss BritJam Global, Contributor to The Voice & Weekly Gleaner Newspapers and Project Consultant for TetraShed Architecture Practice, among others.





7 GOLDEN KEYS for GLOBAL impact:


?Combined Mentorship & Coaching

?Research & Development Consultancy

?Global Speaking Engagement (Keynotes)

?Workshop & Team Building Training

?Academic Proficiency Programme

?Business Ascension Programme

?PR & Influencer Packages




The management team is known for producing unique and talented individuals. These individuals possess a range of skills sets. We call this multiplicity, the WOW factor. Rica Kelly, definitely has it! Rica has an excellent reputation in academic and non-academic circles. Her unique selling point is that she is SUPERWOMAN! She is great at doing all her tasks, equally well and she is committed to ensuring that all females are able to access the necessary tools, in order to break glass ceilings and build empires.


Rica Kelly is unique and better than the competition, because she has a range of perspectives that produce the foundation for creativity and service that is above average. There is no other person that can offer you the life experiences, the strategy to become your best self and the conviction that females are capable of accessing and dominating in leadership, education and entrepreneurship. She is flexible and very accommodating. Book a FREE STRATEGY CALL and you will see that her WHY is bigger than the financial reward.


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