Building My Power Circle

Building My Power Circle



As I build my Power Circle of powerful sisters, I reflect on the thoughts that have perplexed me over and over again. As I build my own circle, I encourage each and every soul to do the same. The Devil would like us to believe that we are powerful on our own. Yes, there might be a tad of truth, in that regard. However, how much further along would we be if we had a circle of soul sisters, who supported us and shared our values?


I share with you my reoccurring thought pattern and affirmation below:

Loyalty is important! Protect your circle! Develop your healthy circle! Progressive and ambitious friends matter. This dictates the quality of your circle! Covetousness and secrets have no place in your Power Circle. Make today your PAD! Your #PowerActionDay! #NicheOutwards #ActionYear


So with the foregoing in mind, I have decided to re-evaluate my circles (inner and outer), in order to ensure that they have enough electricity to let us all shine brightly, as we WIN. We all don’t have to be WINNING at once, but while we take turns to win, we motivate and inspire each other to achieve our goals. Get your winning team of soul sisters that genuinely love and support you. Sisters who want you to thrive!


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